Diskeeper Home  v.12

Diskeeper automatically boosts your PC's speed, speeds up the loading times for your computer, extends the longevity of your hard drive, reduces your energy consumption and much, much more. This is a simple, automatic fix to a slow PC.

Diskeeper 2009  v.13.0.844.32

The Diskeeper 2009 13.0 is a nice package to have on your computer if you don't want the hassles of frequent disk defragmenting at your hands. This software will also improve the performance of your computer. InvisiTasking in Diskeeper 2009 13.


Diskeeper 2008  v.12.0.794.32

Diskeeper 2008 12.0.781 it's an utility to defrag your hard disk. As you install and uninstall programs, or save and delete files, sections of your disk are freed and occupied. The system uses that empty spaces, filling them with parts of files.

Diskeeper Lite  v.9.0.541.1

Diskeeper Lite is a useful hard disk drive tools set for 'keeping' the drives clean, fast and operating its best performance, by defraging the drives and consolidating the disk free space.

Diskeeper 2007 Pro Premier  v.11.0.709.32

'Diskeeper' is the best disk defragging software available. File fragmentation means that the file is present in the hard disk not in contiguous blocks / allocation units.

Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier  v.13.0.844.32

Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier is one of several editions available of this tool. The others are: Home, Professional, and Home Server.

Diskeeper Server Standard Edition  v.10.0.608

Diskeeper, the best program for defragmentation of hard disks has different versions suited for particular customers. Diskeeper Server Standard Edition or Diskeeper Server Edition are suited for servers of big volumes like 60 GB or more.

Diskeeper 2007 Home  v.11.0.709.32

Diskeeper Home 2007 is an utility designed to improve your computer's performance by defragmenting the files stored in the hard disk.

Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier  v.12.0.794.32

Diskeeper 2008 Professional is an utility that defragments the files in the computer's hard disk. File fragmentation occurs when the Operating System stores the data to the disk.

Diskeeper Administrator  v.15.1.968

Diskeeper Administrator saves your time and money by providing complete centralized management of Diskeeper operations for all machines on your network, including installation, configuration, monitoring, updating, email reports and alerts and more.

Diskeeper 2009 Professional  v.13.0.844.32

Diskeeper 2009 Professional is one of several editions available of this tool developed by Diskeeper Corporation. The other editions are: Home, Pro Premier, and Home Server.

Diskeeper 2009 EnterpriseServer  v.13.0.835.32

Diskeeper 2009 EnterpriseServer is one of several editions available of this tool developed by Diskeeper Corporation. The other editions are: Home, Professional, Professional Premier, and Home Server.

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